Deliverables of Emotional Intelligence (EI) Training

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When considering psychometric tools for employee development, companies often ask about the measurable outcomes and profitability. While teams with higher emotional intelligence perform better, it's challenging to predict outcomes using conventional metrics. According to the World Economic Forum, emotional intelligence will be a top job skill in the 2020s, yet only 30% of companies assess it during hiring. Research shows that employees are often hired for high IQ and fired for low EQ, causing frustration for both employees and supervisors.

The Enneagram is a recommended psychometric tool for developing intentional EQ. Though data on deliverables is emerging, companies investing in EQ have seen significant ROI. Enhanced employee engagement, higher sales and profits, improved customer satisfaction, decreased attrition rates, and reduced training costs are linked to increased EQ. Conversely, lacking emotional intelligence leads to collaboration issues, division, unproductive meetings, and communication conflicts. 

Emerging Data on the ROI of Increased EQ in the Workplace

Recent data suggests that increased emotional intelligence in the workplace leads to positive returns on investment (ROI). The Enneagram, a comprehensive psychometric tool, stands out for its holistic impact on all aspects of life, not just the workplace. It promotes a sustainable culture of intentional EQ, enhancing employee engagement and understanding of motivations. Research shows that measuring emotional intelligence using the EQ-i 2.0 is linked to higher sales, increased performance, improved customer satisfaction, reduced attrition rates, and lowered training costs. Furthermore, developing EQ skills reduces stress, mitigates stress-related illnesses, and fosters efficient problem-solving and decision-making. When emotional intelligence is lacking, teams face challenges such as personality clashes, division, unproductive meetings, and communication issues. Investing in EI training yields significant benefits for individuals and organizations alike.

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