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Are You Ready to do MORE with the Enneagram?

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The Enneagram is an incredible tool for transformation. If you're here, you probably feel similarly! We've seen it in action in the workplace, relationships, family dynamics, individuals, and every other facet of life.

You may have years of Enneagram work under your belt and be thinking "how do I do MORE", "how do I encourage people in their own journey?" Or you may be pretty new to the Enneagram but have witnessed its impact in your life or in the lives of those around you and want to shout it from the rooftops!

Whatever brought you here, you're in the right place! We are starting a 3-month Certification in the Enneagram Program where we will give you the tools, resources, and confidence to fulfill your dream of guiding others and supporting them in their own transformative journey.

What We'll Cover

Module 1 - Introduction to the Enneagram

Module 1

All About The Instincts

Module 2 - Instincts, Centers, and Stances

Module 2

Type Formation and Countertypes

Module 3 - The Growth Path for Each Type

Module 3

How Each Type Transforms

Module 3 - The Growth Path for Each Type

Module 4

Becoming an Expert at Typing

Module 3 - The Growth Path for Each Type

Module 5

For Coaching Certification Only

How to Coach Through the Enneagram

*additional cost

What's Included

3-month online course

12 weeks of jam-packed information and guidance to get you started on your Enneagram teaching journey. And, an additional 3 weeks for coaching certification


Handouts, practices, guides, and tools so you can feel clear and confident as you coach others.


The first-ever Art of Growth Coaches Community! Share resources, thoughts, questions, and get support from The Art of Growth Team and each other!


Got Questions?

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What People are Saying About The Art of Growth Certification

I signed up for this course because the Enneagram has meant a lot to me, and I wanted to learn more about how to apply it. I was treated to a rigorous, thorough, and delightful learning experience with a wonderful community. Joel created challenging assignments for each class that I looked forward to completing each week - I had to go deep to give answers I was happy with! The class time itself was full of information, and opportunities to interact with fellow classmates in a safe environment. Near the end of the course, one of our assignments was to begin practicing typing interviews, which I found deeply meaningful and fulfilling. I emerged from the certification process with a much deeper understanding of the Enneagram, and an understanding of how much more there is to learn!

- Elizabeth: Type 2

The Art of Growth Enneagram Certification was absolutely life changing. Joel is truly a wealth of knowledge of the Enneagram and you could tell his heart is fully in this work. When the heart is shining through, everything flows. The class not only flew by, but it was the highlight of my week every Thursday night. Seeing the whole group of people light up, grow individually, and transform together – it was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had.

- Erin: Type 7

This certification process with Art of Growth has expanded my knowledge and my experience in so many ways! My personal work has benefitted, and I’ve also gained a lot of confidence in applying the enneagram in my professional career. I’ve learned new techniques for sure, but also a deeper awareness of this system (which I’d been studying for 5 years already). I love Joel’s teaching style and learning in the group. More than lectures, it felt like guided explorations where we learned information but also questioned and tried on various theories. It was fun, and opened my eyes to so much. Marvelous and transformative experience that I highly recommend to enneagram enthusiasts!

-Nathalie: Type 2

On the first night Joel said “The goal is to see this journey as transformation rather than information. “ it was the first thing I wrote down in my notebook and it could not have been more important for me and where my journey was about to take me.  Through the lectures and homework I was challenged to not only understand the information but how to apply it to my own life. 

Taking this class became so much more than just learning the information, it became a community. The people in the class had just as much of an impact on me as the lectures and the teaching. I believe I have found lifelong friends even though we are spread across the continent. It's always been my conviction that we grow in the context of Community and Joel did amazing job creating community in each of our Thursday night classes. In short this was so much more than a certification course but really a group of people on a journey discovering not only themselves but each other I will cherish this time and look back at it is one of the most important things God gave me during these last several months. I’m looking forward to coaching others and using what I have learned and experienced to help others discover their story and pathways to grow.

-Evan: Type 7

The Art of Growth Certification course is learning, growing, and connecting all wrapped up into one. As a helping professional, I’m always looking for better ways to connect with and guide clients. This course did that and more. Learning about myself and others was challenging and meaningful. I recommend it for anyone who has a heart for helping others.

- Michelle: Type 3

"The course content was solid, no frills, and rooted in integrity as well as practicality. Joel's passion, curiosity, and flexibility brought the material alive and turned "the classroom" into an engaging space of exploration and self-discovery. It was fun, thought-provoking, and sometimes emotional--a personal journey as much as a learning experience. Thank you, AOG!"

- Delaney

"The Certification Program turbo-charged my own Enneagram process. I was familiar with multiple aspects of the Enneagram but this course tied it all together. Our instructor, Joel Hubbard, brought knowledge, love, and kindness to the class making the three hours each week fly by and leaving me wanting more. Utilizing all that we learned, I particularly valued the training on typing interviews where we received clear directions and practice on how to conduct them.
I heartily recommend this program to anyone who wishes to use it in business and for personal growth to create greater self-awareness and understanding."

- Lesley

"As a student of the Enneagram and an ICF certified coach, I’ve participated in multiple courses and educational opportunities. The Art of Growth’s Enneagram Practitioner and Coaching courses are the best by far. The combined courses were personally enriching and provided practical training and support in using the Enneagram as an effective coaching tool. Joel is a deeply knowledgeable, engaging, and encouraging teacher. He created an atmosphere that facilitated learning, support, and connection within the class. It was a wonderful learning experience. I left the course having gained such a better understanding of the Enneagram as a tool for growth and ready to begin using it in my coaching practice. I highly recommend both the Practitioner and Coaching Certificates, particularly in combination."

- Donna

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