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Increase the self mastery and social awareness of your work teams by integrating the Enneagram to vastly improve the emotional intelligence, communication, and efficiency of your team. The Art of Growth is a team who trains teams starting with "Enneagram Foundations" and customizing a roadmap to success on your team.

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We've designed our own Enneagram Test based on the self-reporting of individuals and expert knowledge and training. We also just released our Enneagram Instincts Test and a Youth Enneagram Test.

The best way to discover your Enneagram Type is through a Discovery session with one of our coaches that includes discovering your type, an overview of it, and coaching tips. Because personality is best understood when observed by a person!

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The Art of Growth is officially accredited by the IEA to certify our students in the Enneagram.Ā 

We run aĀ 3-monthĀ Certification in the EnneagramĀ andĀ do a few throughout the year, click below to find out when the next course will launch.

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We offer 1-on-1 Individual Coaching with a Certified Enneagram Coach and Group CoachingĀ where you will be joined by 4 other individuals on a 3-month journey, creating an experience together as you dive into self-knowledge, self-observation, and transformational habits led by one of our coaches.

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The Art of Growth is one of the most popular Enneagram podcasts in the world and opened the door for all our work. We include panels so we can learn about what it’s like to be each of the Enneagram types. We also cover other topics pertaining to growth and transformation for teams and individuals.

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The Art of Growth is an organization that provides teams and individuals with the tools for transformation and change.

Joel Hubbard

Cofounder of The Art of Growth

Certified Enneagram Coach

Podcast Host

Jim Zartman

Cofounder of The Art of Growth

Certified Enneagram Coach

Podcast Producer and Host

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