Art of Growth

Corporate Team Training Certification


Teaching Certified Enneagram practitioners to become coaches for the corporate world!

Everything you need in 1 weekend! 

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The Art of Growth Corporate Team Training Certificate

According to Psychology Today, companies that implemented emotional intelligence competency programs saw, on average, a 40% increase in productivity.

During this weekend intensive, you will learn the program that we take into every corporate work team we train. We will set you up for success so that you feel confident walking into any company to train them with the program we have developed over the last five years. You will learn how to lead these sessions and receive all the materials and visuals necessary to guide teams through the trainings.

The goal is to help work teams integrate the language of the Enneagram for team members' self-mastery and social competency, thereby improving emotional intelligence and empathy within teams.

We want you to feel confident in leading as Enneagram ambassadors in the corporate world!

What We'll Cover

Module 1

Teaching the Enneagram in a Corporate Context


Module 2

Enneagram Foundations


Module 3

Type Work Values


Module 4

Culture of Trust


Module 5

Customized Communication


Module 6

Intent VS Impact

Productive Conflict


Module 7

Logistics and details about your training business, etc.


What's Included

3-Day Online Course

1 weekend intensive to walk you through the trainings we do for corporate teams.


Handouts, practices, guides, and tools so you can feel clear and confident as you train.


How to lead the trainings, teach enneagram to work teams, and navigate the logistics of your training business.


Requirements for course:

1. Previous Enneagram Certification through any IEA accredited school.

2. Cost: $2900.00


Email¬†[email protected]¬†to get on the waiting list!

Your Coach

Jim Zartman

Whats Included

Friday 7-10pm EST

  • The values and approach to teaching in corporate.
  • ¬†Philosophy in approaching those unfamiliar with the Enneagram.¬†
  • Discussing strategies to engage work teams.

Saturday 10-5pm EST

  • We walk through the main trainings Art of Growth focuses on with every new work team.
  • Morning- Learn to lead the introductory session called Enneagram Foundations and Work Values
  • Afternoon- Learn to lead the sessions called Building a Culture of Trust and Customized Communication.

Sunday 10-1pm EST

  • Shortened walk through of additional trainings we do such as Intent VS Impact and Productive Conflict.
  • Learn some of the logistics of training in the corporate space including obtaining clients, pricing yourself, insurance and liability, etc.¬†
We don't teach companies the Enneagram, we teach them to USE the Enneagram.