Core Need/Motivation
To be good, do right, have integrity, and to improve.

Type 1s are conscientious, ethical, controlled, and principled.

They are guided by a strong sense that there is a right way to do things. They are adept at distilling complexity into clarity, often seeing things in black and white to focus on self-improvement and enhancing the world around them. Most Type 1s have a strong inner voice that acts both as a critic and a coach, regularly pointing out where they have fallen short and how they could do better.

Their attention naturally goes to what needs to be fixed or improved rather than to what is already satisfactory. This should not be confused with negativity; they are often optimistic about the potential for improvement.

The idealism of this type tells them that if they work hard enough, they can reach that elusive goal of perfection where they can finally rest. Because they see what needs improvement, they often feel it is their responsibility to make those improvements and cannot rest until the job is done and done right.

This type can create order from chaos. In fact, they thrive in chaotic environments with potential because they can create order that leads to something good. While plans are important, they often pay more attention to tactics and the way things are done, as well as getting things done.

Their undying belief that anything and anyone can improve drives them to better themselves, improve others around them, and excel at work. Personal desires such as joy, beauty, fun, and personal feelings are often justified or converted to support doing the right thing.

Self-control is leveraged to suppress desires and emotions, to the extent that they might release this control on vacation, where they appear almost opposite of their usual selves, or through occasional indulgence.

The Gifts of the Type

Ones can walk into a chaotic situation and create order and efficiency in their environment. They are reliable. If they are asked to complete a task, they do, and they get it done as near to perfection as possible. Because they are self-improvement oriented, they bring the belief in and practice of improvement to the world around them.

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