Core Need/Motivation

To be positive and optimistic in order to avoid psychological or emotional pain.


How the Type Meets Those Needs

Sevens are optimistic, playful, spontaneous, practical, energetic, and versatile. They tend to bring positivity and fun to their environment. They are easily distracted by new ideas or what promises to be enjoyable or interesting. They like to start new endeavors and struggle to complete what they began if it starts to take too much time.

What is in the present moment seldom satisfies, so the 7 moves up to the head space where they can generate interesting thoughts or run off to some other fun activity. Limits feel depriving and thus are resisted.

While often processing at a high rate of speed, the 7 can get caught in overthinking and then in indecision, particularly when there are so many opportunities. They will often story-tell; reliving a previous experience, often exaggerating what happened.

The core emotion of the Seven is anxiety over not having enough and the creeping sense that negativity and painful emotions will arise if the excitement and enjoyment slows down. Sevens keep themselves distracted with interesting activities and ideas or escape into imagining or planning future fun. The processing for this type takes place in the head center where they can imagine all sorts of possibilities, then moves quickly to the body to realize it, avoiding their own emotions except for joy or anger.


The Gifts of the 7

The gifts of the Seven are many. They can see the positive in most situations. They can inspire people with a new vision or a new way of seeing one’s current situation. This type often brings joy to the world around them.


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