Core Need/Motivation

To be comfortable, at peace, harmonious, stable, connected


How the Type Meets Those Needs

Type Nines are agreeable, receptive, accepting, trusting, and self-forgetting. This type tends to avoid anything that could create internal disruption. Voicing one’s own opinions and desires could cause conflict, so the type merges with the agenda of others, forgetting what they think, want, and feel. Merging requires less energy than figuring out their own desires and needs. Nines naturally seek comfort and often find it through cozy environments, food, resources, work, or relationships. The worst feeling is to be the source of conflict and so they generally anticipate what others want doing whatever will be the least disruptive to themselves and others. They tend to neutralize excessive emotions in themselves and in others. Once comfortable, type 9’s prefers to stay there. Even a small change in routine or in the expected plan for the day can produce discomfort. Nines often feel the phrase, “don’t rock the boat.” They are easy to work with but can find themselves in conflict from having tried to please everyone or from avoiding right action. People often confuse the Nines’ability to listen and relate as acceptance or agreement when in reality the Nine has yet to bring forward their own voice. This is why they often feel they know people who don’t really know them.

As a body type, they tend to get themselves moving or slow themselves down as a way to not disrupt the environment. In order to do this, they move quickly from the body center (in action or inaction) into the head center to figure out how to create harmony often visiting the emotional center last since the strong emotions can create disruption.

The core emotion of the Nine is anger which is repressed in order to not cause conflict or disruption. Nines describe themselves as having a long fuse but can reach a breaking point where they explode or become stubborn and unmovable.


The Gifts of the 9

The gifts of the Nine are many. They are easy to work with. They genuinely have few needs and often seem glad to do whatever is required. They create comfortable and stable environments. They can cultivate peace in what seems like unresolvable conflict. They are good at making space for others. Because they have very little agenda, people tend to trust them.


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