Core Need/Motivation

This type has a need to feel connected to those around them, wanted, loved, needed or appreciated.


How the Type Meets Those Needs

Type Twos are warm, generous, friendly, and often complimentary. They frequently bring the human factor to the attention of others who may be thinking more about ideas, goals, and projects.

They pride themselves in being the person to whom others confide. To the Two, it is a gift when others entrust their secrets to them.

The Two can read the emotions of others. With this ability, they get into action helping others sometimes before being asked. Many Twos describe feeling the need to earn the love they seek through this helpfulness. Since their identity is dependent on how others see them, getting positive feedback is important, even if difficult to receive.

The Two often presents themselves as being without needs. They hope that by meeting the needs of others, their own will finally be met without having to voice them. Because they often feel responsible for the emotions of others, taking a break or taking care of themselves feels selfish or less important than caring for others although, they desire reciprocity.

Their processing of the world begins at the heart level, moves quickly into the head center in order to interpret, strategize and plan, then moving into their body to carry it out.

The core emotion of the type Two is shame or sadness over their sense of not being worthy of love.


The Gifts of the 2

The gifts of the Two are many. They create environments where people feel safe to be who they are. Type Twos anticipate the needs of others with remarkable accuracy. They are tuned in to how certain news or changes will impact people.


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