Core Need/Motivation

To be safe, secure, supported.


How the Type Meets Those Needs

Type Sixes are responsible, reliable, questioning, anxious, or vigilant. Not all Sixes relate to being fearful, but most relate to being vigilant. They regularly look out at an unsafe world scanning for dangers or potential hazards. Their attention is projected out as they seek external evidence of and validation for the fear they experience or the security they seek.

This leads the Six to anticipating the future and planning for it. They will try to see all the angles just to make sure they can anticipate every possible outcome. All of this spin produces doubt and skepticism, and they can fall into analysis paralysis. Sixes doubt their own decisions; even doubting their doubts. All of this seems logical and rational to the type.

Because decisions can be hard, Sixes seek a kind of external authority for support. The external authority provides security but also must be tested and questioned to prove its safety. Sixes will want to look at every angle possible, involve others in analyzing it with them, and seek external support. Sixes care about how the underdog, the one being left out or alone. They give loyalty as a gift because it is the same loyalty, they desire to feel safe and supported in this world.

All of this points to a type that begins processing through the head center to feel safe, secure, or supported. They then activate the body to respond to an unsafe world handling their emotions as problems to solve. Their core emotion is fear or anxiety which manifests itself through logical thinking.


The Gifts of the 6

The gifts of the Six are many. The Six seeks support so they give support to others. The Six is capable of surfacing threats to their family or organization. They mitigate risks and are team players. Their value for loyalty leads them to go out of their way to support those around them.


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