Core Need/Motivation

To be useful, capable, competent, and resourced to meet a demanding world.


How the Type Meets Those Needs

Type Fives are insightful, thoughtful, well-researched, and curious. They sense that the world demands more of them than what they have to give. This drives the type to pursue intellectual resources.

Fives will take time to observe before engaging; gathering knowledge, information, data, and facts. They can organize seemingly unrelated facts or ideas into a larger concept. Eccentricities are far more interesting than conventionality. They question commonly held views in search of the foundational truth.

Fives value privacy and often share very little about themselves; compartmentalizing their world and allocating their resources accordingly in order to meet the demands of a very needy world. This is why predictability, routine, and repeatable processes are very important to this type.

Fives want to be useful in this world. They enjoy being a resource to others. Compartmentalization or disconnection from emotion means the core emotion of anxiety is seldom felt. The anxiety comes from a feeling that they are not prepared or they won’t have enough resources to meet a demanding world. This type processes everything through their head space, often stilling their body for hours while they research, or activating it to be useful. Their emotions are placed in a separate compartment to be dealt with at a later time.


The Gifts of the 5

The gifts of the Five are many. The Five almost always provides excellently researched work. Of all the other types, Fives are the least biased in their presentations. They are super reliable to get the work done and done well. In chaotic situations, Fives keep a calm and cool disposition providing perspective to those around them.


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