Healthy Teams Can Solve Any Problem

When team members know themselves, practice trust, and communicate effectively they succeed.


Using the Enneagram we help teams develop self-mastery and social competency to accelerate team performance. 


How we always start:

1. Set up a 15 min call with Jim or Joel so we understand your needs.

2. If you engage our service, everyone on your team experiences our Enneagram Foundations Training. They find out their type either in private sessions before Foundations training or as a group during that training.

3. We customize a "roadmap" for your company to chose the best trainings for your team and use the tool on a daily basis. The full picture of the roadmap can be seen on THIS BLOG.

[email protected]

[email protected]

Set up a needs-analysis call and learn about the companies we are working with and customized trainings for your organization.

Why companies have engaged our services.

We specialize in enhancing self-mastery and social competency within teams. Our approach aims to enhance communication, foster the development of skills like empathy, diversity understanding, effective communication, values alignment, leadership growth, and conflict resolution. We utilize the Enneagram personality system alongside other tools we have developed.

Since the release of The Art of Growth podcast in 2018, we have consistently been one of the top podcasts and sought after trainers and coaches in the Enneagram and we are GRATEFUL!

A bit about us: With a weekly download count of over 10,000 listeners, The Art of Growth stands at the forefront as thought leaders in personality and emotional intelligence. Our contributions extend beyond auditory content, encompassing a spectrum of offerings such as advanced online Enneagram assessments, a dedicated team-enhancing App, visual aids fostering emotional intelligence, as well as comprehensive training and coaching services. Our portfolio boasts engagements ranging from Fortune 100 corporate giants to nimble startups.

Get a sneak peak into one of our training topics by clicking HERE. 


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Let's Make a Plan

We'll talk about your team's goals and growth points, and find the best plan for its transformation. 

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The Art of Growth 

Our Coaches

Joel Hubbard

Jim Zartman

Workshops for Businesses and Teams:

Enneagram Foundations Workshop

  • Training and typing for teams up to 21 members.
  •  Common language for understanding each other
  •  Increase productivity through better communication
  •  Increase positive work environment 

Enneagram Instincts Workshop

  • Training for teams up to 21 members
  •  Harnessing the strengths of the Trailblazer, Team-builder, and Sustainer
  •  Uncover common organizational stumbling blocks
  •  Stronger alignment around key objects

Enneagram and Communication

  • Training for teams up to 21 members
  •  Understand communication preferences for each of the types
  •  Surface common misunderstandings and solutions
Other workshops or trainings are customized based on needs.

Forbes says the Enneagram is the combination to unlock your team’s recurring problems.

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