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When team members know themselves, practice trust, and communicate effectively they succeed. Our process builds these three key needs of a healthy organization.

Teams who work with us all start in the same place. Joel Hubbard and Jim Zartman come together as a team to lead your team on a road map to impact your culture.


Step One: Enneagram Foundations

Every team starts with Enneagram Foundations. This is done in one of two ways.

One version is where a team of up to 21 participants comes together for a 4-hour session which includes:

  1. Individuals learning their enneagram type. Each coach takes a group and types them through a live communal typing process.
  2. Now that individuals know their type, they come back for a session to understand all 9 types and an overview of the Enneagram tool.
  3. We go through a exercise on “Work Values” by type to practice with the tool and start using it right away.

The second version is what we would call the Gold Standard for the process.

  1. Each team member has a 90- minute one-on-one typing interview with one of our coaches.
  2. Enneagram Foundations session is now 3 hours and includes the overview of the Enneagram tool and teachings on the types.
  3. We go through a exercise on “Work Values” by type to practice with the tool and start using it right away.

 *we call it the Gold Standard because as good as some other methods of discovering one's Enneagram type can be, personality is best understood when observed by a person who can pick up on the 70% of communication that is non-verbal. Not only does the one-on-one session land the type most accurately but includes first coaching steps. We also recommend companies have new employees go through this typing interview to be better set up for success. 

Step Two: APP Access

We onboard the team to the recently developed Art of Growth App which gives team members immediate access to the learnings from “Enneagram Foundations” as well as helpful tools around how to interact with team members of different types. There are more tools available there to improve self mastery and social competency.

*currently the app is only available on IOS but will soon be available for android.


Step Three: Trust and Communication

Trust and communication are inseparable. In these sessions, we learn how team members build and lose trust and how to ensure a strong foundation for future communication.These sessions are not limited and can include as many team mates as needed. 

Sessions are separate or together based on team needs. 

  1. Trust Session: (2-3 hours) The process of building and breaking trust is understood and there are team exercises to immediately implement the learning and tools.
  2. Customized Communication 101: (2-3 hours) In this session teams learn how each type communications and how they receive or hear communication coming toward them. Breakout sessions provide time to practice communication using the tool and growing in awareness of the communication styles of others. The app also has additional tools to customize communication by type.
  3. Communication Context: (2- hours) In this session we cover nuances of communication and use reflective listening exercises to practice skills like: Owning your impact, Looking for sender/receiver distortions, maintaining curiosity, and the circle back. There are also best practices of communication around conversation, email, slack, etc.


Step Four: Customize your Journey

  1. Nine leadership styles: Learn the gifts of your unique leadership style and common pitfalls of each leadership type. Practice breakouts to understand the impact of your leadership style and where you need leadership support.
  2. Instincts: Teams are composed of Hunters, Farmers, and Teamers. The hunters have a trailblazing nature to break new ground and create new possibilities. Farmers have a sustaining energy and often settle stabilize what has been discovered or needs built. Teamers have a social capacity to bring the two together and make sure the right people are doing the right things at the right time.
  3. One-On-One: Some team members strongly benefit from one-on-one coaching to develop their leadership. Studies show a 2 sigma standard deviation of improvement for those who get one-on-one coaching.
  4. Reflection Pool- One coach is brought on a team in key moments of conflict or solutioning to ensure fluid communication and coach on patterns that emerge.

We've designed our own Enneagram Typing Test based on the self-reporting of individuals and expert knowledge and training

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