Group coaching provides you the opportunity to walk alongside others and be supported in your own journey of transformation. Over 9 Weeks, we will take you through our coaching process around the topic for which you register.  During the virtual group sessions, there will be teaching moments, sharing moments, and coaching responses.

The Group Coaching Series: "The Art of Connection" Is Currently In Session

Details: Join us for a nine-week journey as a group, where we will collectively acquire the awareness and skills to enhance connections in our lives, both within our community and our most intimate relationships.

Weeks 1-3 Heart Connection: Together, we'll delve into understanding what connection means to each of us. We'll explore the awareness around how we seek connection, resistance to connection, and strategies to both receive and take risks in order to foster genuine connections.

  1. What Feels Like Connection to You?
  2. What are you Seeking and Resisting?
  3. Recognizing Bids for Connection.

Weeks 4-6 Head Connection: Learn how to tailor your communication based on Enneagram types and enhance your conversational skills by developing a sense of curiosity and asking impactful questions.

  1. Communication Style by Enneagram Type.
  2. Curiosity and Asking Great Questions.
  3. Being Aware of our Interpretations and Storytelling.

Weeks 7-9 Body Connection: Discover the art of tuning into the subtle cues your body provides and intentionally utilizing body language to deepen connections.

  1. Noticing Physical Sensations and Evaluating Energetic Exchanges
  2. Communicating and Connecting with the Body
  3. WITHNESS and being a Witness to Another’s Journey

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It was extremely helpful to hear how other types experience the world around them. I loved the genuine and vulnerable conversation that happened during our time together.


Oh my goodness, the group coaching with these beautiful people has been life changing for me! I have learned so much more about myself and others in these few months than I have in years of therapy. I gained knowledge, understanding, and compassion for myself and others each time someone shared their story with courage and vulnerability. Through this experience, I was able to grow a stronger sense of self and the confidence to engage in healthy conflict (which is huge for an enneagram type 9).


"When I joined this group I thought it was going to be an interesting learning experience and I would go a little deeper into my understanding of the Enneagram and my nineness.  I had no idea how transformative it would be, nor did I expect the depth of connection I've felt."

Meet the Coaches

Joel Hubbard - Certified Enneagram Coach

Joel’s life work has revolved around seeing people grow and transform. Joel is certified in the Enneagram through the Narrative Tradition.

Globally recognized as a leader in the field of Enneagram coaching and development Joel has a unique approach to helping people develop self knowledge, self observation, and transformational habits. Joel has successfully helped individuals and organizations navigate change through developing their self awareness and team effectiveness.

Joel helps individuals and teams understand their core motivations so they have better communication and shared success. 

Jim Zartman - Certified Enneagram Coach

Jim has been working in leadership development, training, and coaching/mentoring for over 20 years. Jim Co-founded “The Art of Growth” with Joel and is also certified in the Enneagram through the Narrative Tradition.

As a producer Jim has worked in both the corporate and artist world of film, live events, and media content creation to help individuals and companies clearly communicate their story and mission. Jim’s background in audio production and music composition led to producing The Art of Growth podcast.

Jim and his wife Abby also work to coach couples so they can intentionally design their relationships to create a healthy foundation.

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