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— Joel Hubbard

Client Testimonials


As an Enneagram Type 3, I came to Joel looking for someone that would help me get out of the places where I’m stuck in unhelpful patterns.  In short, how do I get out of my own way?

But beyond that, I was looking for spiritual development to carry me into the second half of my life. I’m ready to transcend my Type.

When the student is ready, the Teacher appears.  For me, Joel is a combination of coach, therapist and Rabbi.  

Our sessions are something I look forward to every week.  Joel listens with compassion, love and humor in a way that’s completely engaging.  Within my first dozen sessions, I’ve already experienced life-changing insights.

I’m so grateful that Joel has chosen to serve as a coach, and whole heartedly recommend him to anyone who’s looking for real change. 

— Barbra Founder & CEO, WhiteSpace Shanghai China

Through 50+ years of yielding to what people around me said I had to be and do, becoming what was needed to make situations work, and choosing to imitate other people's strength rather than develop my own, I lost track of my true self.  I reached a breaking point where I had to clear away all the not-me stuff and discover who I am all over again.  It has been SO helpful to have Joel tracking with me, asking questions and sharing insights that have helped me sort through all that, find "me" piece by piece and see how everything fits together.  My inner chaos has turned to peace, and my outer life looks more and more like my true self.  The change has been monumental and very, very freeing.   

— Vice President of Member Services at Vision New England

I am familiar with, and even certified in, several assessments of personality, style, and work personality.  They all have a place.  I will say, though, when I first started reading about the Enneagram, it hit me right in the heart!  And, once I started working with Joel who helped me understand my Enneagram type and then unpack what it meant in my life, wow.  The Enneagram gets at the root of my motivations, which is where the real work gets done!

— Eileen, President of Leadership-Link


My experience with Joel has been fascinating. I was able to understand a lot about myself when I had my typing interview. Understanding the blind spots I have and natural reactions have been very helpful to improve my relationships. Since I can better understand what motivates me and where my drive comes from I better understand how to use my strengths. I like the enneagram because it gives me an accurate picture of what I’m motivated to do but also gives me a picture of how I can improve and grow. Joel is such a great listener and mentor in this because he has such a great background in philosophy, spiritual leadership, and phycology. I always feel I am being understood and it’s been a great learning journey. 

— Mauricio- Business strategy professor Umass Lowell


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