Enneagram 101:

This is an in depth and experiential training on the Enneagram. The class will give you an overall understanding of the Enneagram types. You have a better understanding of your self and how to relate to the people around you. Understand the key motivations of each type as well as what they need to grow. When we learn to hack the patterns that hold us back we will end self sabotage and flourish in who we are meant to be.

We are designing our own Enneagram Test based on the specific motivations and language of each type based on hundreds of hours of interviews and panels. Sign up to get a free test code when it comes out.

Enneagram 101 will start in the fall of 2020. This interactive learning experience will focus on how to relate to others who see things differently and are driven by different motivations. Each week includes a video lecture released every Monday to watch at your convenience. Each week will include homework and a live call on Fridays at 11am EST to interact with us. The live call will be recorded so you can watch it later if you can’t watch it live.